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Templates for photographers will help in many aspects of starting your new photography business. From photography contracts and model release forms to invoices and photographer business expense spreadsheets, check out the templates below. All resources are free to download and they are intended to serve as guidelines to benefit the photography community.

Photography Contract Templates

In order to seal the deal with your client, it is best to have them fill out a contract. This helps spell out and manage the expectations of both client and photographer. To better understand all parts of the document, learn and download a free template.

Photographer Contract Template

Photography Shot List

In order to solidly document an event, you need a photography shot list. Learn why you need an event photography shot list and download a photography shot list template in Word, along with an illustrated event photography shot list guide.

Photography Shot List Template

Release Forms

Model Release Form Template and Apps

You don’t need a release form to take a photo of someone unless you intend to make money from that photo. Read more when and why to use a model release form, and find free template downloads below. Or download model release apps if you prefer to go paperless.

Model Release Form Template

Model Release Form Apps

Parental Consent Form

Similar to a model release, a parental consent form is specific to children and minors under the age of 18 years old. Find out the exact perimeters when to use a parental consent form, and use the templates below.

Parental Photo Consent Form

Property Release Form

Just as people require model release forms, certain buildings, properties, and works of art also have associated release forms if you intend to make money from photos of their likeness. Read more about what a property release form is and download a free template below.

Property Release Template

Financial Templates

w9 Tax Form

If you are ever hired by another company or a large corporation, they will likely ask you to fill out a W9 tax form. Find out when and why you need a W9 form and download a template below.

w9 Tax Form

Photographer Invoice

After you’ve rendered photography services and are ready to be paid, you then issue an invoice to your client. Learn more about what a photography invoice should include, and download a free template below.

Invoice Template

Business Expense Spreadsheet

In order to keep track of your net income, you must record photography business expenses. You can use a modern accounting solution such a FreshBooks, or opt for a simpler version in the form of a spreadsheet. Download a free business expense spreadsheet template below.

Business Expense Spreadsheet

Annual Performance Review Templates

Keep track of your goals with these handy annual review templates.

Annual Review Template

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