Q&A: What’s the Best Camera Store and Camera Repair in Seattle?

Seattle camera store

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I recently received an email from a Twitter follower inquiring about camera stores in Seattle. Having lived here for about 8 years now, I know that hands down the answer to this question is Glazer’s Camera. Check out my more in-depth response below. Also, on a similar note, if you’re in need of camera repairs while in Seattle, I highly recommend Camera Techs in Ballard. They are very friendly, hands on, and accurate in their diagnoses, not to mention very fast with most repairs. I do not recommend Photo-Tronics, the repair store adjacent to Glazers Camera Rentals; they are unreasonably slow with their repairs.

Have a question for me? Send it my way and I’ll respond as best I can. If it’s a really good dialogue, I may even publish the results here (with your permission, of course!).


Hi Suzi,

I happen to be one of your followers on Twitter. It so happens that I will be in Seattle and PNW for a vacation – Do you know of any camera shops that you patronise that have excellent pricings? I understand you’re into commercial photography which means you must have some experience with the local camera stores. My dSLR body is old and it would be good if I can find a good deal on a newer body to use.


My reply: 

Hi Jon,

Pleased to meet you! Thanks for reaching out, and for following me on Twitter. I do definitely have some ideas for you in terms of local camera shops to visit.

Glazers Camera Seattle camera store

Seattle’s local camera superstore is Glazer’s. It’s locally owned and located within the city limits, right next to the Amazon.com campus actually. They have a great inventory of brand new and used cameras and accessories, as well as a store dedicated exclusively to lighting products and a rentals department. Depending on how much time you have, it might be worth your while to rent your prospective new camera body to test it out for a day before buying. The staff at Glazer’s should be able to advise you further. Oh, and they also purchase used camera gear too, if you’re looking to trade in your older DSLR body.


They’re also active on Twitter if you have questions to Tweet at them: https://twitter.com/glazerscamera

While Glazers is great for the staff’s expertise and the wide selection of inventory, I can’t say they have the best bargain prices. What you may want to do is utilize Amazon.com. They have a great service called Amazon Locker that will allow you to place an online order and pick up your new item in a physical locker space in Seattle. As a resident of Seattle, I used Amazon Locker pretty much all the time, but I’m pretty sure that even visitors could also use Locker to their advantage.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any further questions about camera stores or about cameras themselves. Also, on the note of the mirrorless versus DSLR debate, while I’m an avid DSLR user, my boyfriend picked up a mirrorless camera last year and we’ve both fallen head over heels with it. Might be a nice move for you, depending on what you’re looking for.

Thanks, and enjoy your stay in Seattle!


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  2. Jamie April 4, 2017 at 23:41

    Suzi this is an old article but I’m hoping you may still be able to help me. I need a camera repair place a little further north of Seattle, any suggestions?

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