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I’m Suzi Pratt, an internationally published freelance photographer and creative director. Self employed since 2012, I am presently making more money and traveling way more than I ever did during my corporate finance days. Plus I’ve had the pleasure of working with Fortune 500 companies and being published in pretty big, respectable publications.

Here’s the catch: I am 100% self taught and I built my entire business from scratch. So can you.

I’ve never taken a photography class or gotten any certification to do what I do. I pave my own way, and Intrepid Freelancer is here to help you do the same. Besides serving as a place for me to tell my personal stories, this blog is also full of business tips and advice to help YOU pave your own way and find a lifestyle that you love. If you’re a first time visitor, get started by perusing through my How to Become a Freelancer guide.

Thanks for visiting! Now go make your dream lifestyle a reality!


What I Blog About

I’ve been updating this blog since 2012 and it has a LOT of content. Here are the basic themes of articles that you’ll find on my site.


At the heart of this site is my personal blog. Sure, I’ll include lots of technical how-tos, but I also mix in my own narratives with the intent of aspiring my dear readers.


Since my background is in photography, I provide many resources including packing lists, gear reviews, and tutorials for both professionals and aspiring amateurs.


You don’t need a MBA to run your own business, but you do need to know the bare essentials. I break it down for you in the simplest terms with my own experiences and recommendations, plus free templates.


I’ve traveled to 24 countries throughout my life, about half of them as a freelancer. My travel section includes tips for traveling and working on the road, destination guides, and of course, lots of travel photography.

We’re Not Alone

The freelance economy is growing every day and there are more reasons than ever to turn to a freelance lifestyle. These numbers are of course approximate, but they illustrate a rising economy of independents.



Percentage of the US workforce that is independent. 


Number of independently employed individuals in the United States.




AGED 30-59


How to Become a Freelancer

Are you looking to become a full-time freelancer? Join the club! There are hundreds of thousands of us thriving online, and my goal with this multi-part series is to show you the ropes of entrepreneurship while giving you the tools necessary to work for yourself. These tips are generally intended for creatives and small business owners.


Branding and Self Identity

Who are you as a person, and as a business? The key to any entrepreneurial endeavor is self discovery, so start here first.


Build a Portfolio

Whether you’re a small business or a creative, you must have a portfolio to show off your talents. This section introduces the basics of portfolio building.


Find Clients

After you’ve defined your brand and put together your portfolio, it’s time to market yourself to prospective clients! This section is all about sales and networking.

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