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I’m Suzi Pratt, an internationally published freelance photographer and web designer. Self employed since 2012, I found my freedom by living the freelance dream, and this blog chronicles my life and lessons learned as a freelancer with the goal of helping others achieve their dreams. I don’t have all the answers, but I share what I’ve learned so far. Curious for more? Read my full story here.

What I Blog About

I’ve been updating this blog since 2012 and it has a LOT of content. Here are the basic themes of articles that you’ll find on my site.

Find clients

Freelance Lifestyle

Life as a freelancer is full of unexpected twists and turns as well as lots of benefits. Learn what to expect when you embark on your freelance adventure.

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New clients Business Basics

If you’re seeking to make money through a service, you’re a business and should treat yourself accordingly. Here you’ll find essential freelance business tips.

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 Travel and Photography

My freelance business is rooted in two of my passions: travel and photography, and you’ll find lots of articles dedicated to minimalist travel and photography.

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