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One of the first steps to starting a photography business is equipping yourself with the best camera gear. Not sure which camera or lens to invest in? Check out my list of Popular Mirrorless Camera and Lens options below. Would you add any to the list? Let me know in the comments!

My Mirrorless Camera Preferences

After spending much of my professional career using Nikon and Canon DSLRs, I took the plunge over to mirrorless in April 2016. The incentive? Wanting a compact camera option for my month-long trip to Asia. My choice was the crop-sensor Sony a6300. This camera had a bit of a learning curve with its notoriously complicated menu. But the image quality has been top-notch, and the 4K video outstanding. Best of all, this camera and its lenses are very lightweight and compact.

On the flip side, my husband switched from Nikon to Fujifilm in 2013. His also wanted a more compact camera system, but he was also enamored with Fujifilm’s retro, vintage camera design, and film simulations. Originally, he started out with the Fujifilm X100S (updated model is X100F). Today, he shoots photos and 4K video with the X-Pro2 and has plans to buy the upcoming X-H1. More about why he switched in the video below.

All this is to say that every single mirrorless camera listed here as its appeal. It all depends on what you intend to use the camera for.

More Camera Options

Considering a DSLR instead? Check out my list of Popular DSLR Cameras and Popular DSLR Lenses.

This post is frequently updated and the last edit was made on January 4, 2018.

Popular Mirrorless Cameras

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