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Popular DSLR Cameras

Wondering what DSLR camera to purchase? Or are you looking to upgrade your DSLR to a newer version? Use the table below to sort and compare some of the most popular DSLR cameras on the market.

How to Buy a DSLR Camera


The number one thing to consider is how much you have to spend on a camera. DSLRs can run from several hundred dollars to several thousand. Top-of-the-line cameras always have the best features. But most of the time, it’s not a good idea to buy the most expensive, feature-packed camera if you can’t fully appreciate all of its capabilities. The rule of thumb is to plan to invest more money into a lens than a DSLR camera body since lenses give you more flexibility and retain their value better down the road.

Full-Frame versus APS-C (Crop Sensor)

A crop sensor camera has a smaller sensor than its full-frame counterpart. Thus, using a lens on a crop-sensor camera will be slightly cropped or magnified. So a 50mm lens attached to a crop sensor would give you a point of view that is more zoomed in. A crop sensor camera always cheaper than a full-frame camera.

Lens Compatability

Not all Canon and Nikon lenses are compatible with both full-frame and crop sensor cameras. For example, Canon EF-S lenses only work on crop sensor cameras, whereas EF lenses work with both crop sensor and full-frame cameras. As a result, whether you go for a full-frame camera or crop sensor camera may depend on what lenses you intend to use.

Further Reading

Need a new or upgraded lens to accompany your DSLR camera body? Check out popular DSLR camera lenses for recommendations. Or search by photography specialty and see what should be part of your event photography equipment and concert photography toolkit.

CameraDate AnnouncedMSRPEffective PixelsBody TypeSensor SizeISO RangeFocus PointsWi-Fi?
Nikon D5200November 6, 2012$499.0024 megapixelsCompact SLRAPS-C100-640039With Adapter
Canon EOS Rebel T5February 12, 2014$549.0018 megapixelsCompact SLRAPS-C100-64009With Adapter
Canon EOS Rebel T6March 10, 2016$549.9918 megapixelsCompact SLRAPS-C100-64009Built-In
Nikon D3400August 17, 2016$649.0024 megapixelsCompact SLRAPS-C100-2560011Built-In
Nikon D3300January 7, 2014$649.9524 megapixelsCompact SLRAPS-C100-1280011With Adapter
Canon Rebel T6iFebruary 6, 2015$749.0024 megapixelsCompact SLRAPS-C100-1280019Built-In
Nikon D5500January 6, 2015$899.0024 megapixelsCompact SLRAPS-C100-2560039Built-In
Canon EOS Rebel T5iMarch 21, 2013$799.0018 megapixelsCompact SLRAPS-C100-12800
9With Adapter
Canon 80DFebruary 18, 2016$1199.0024 megapixelsMid-Size SLRAPS-C100-1600045Built-In
Canon 70DJuly 2, 2013$1199.0020 megapixelsMid-Size SLRAPS-C100-1280019Built-In
Nikon D7200March 2, 2015$1199.0024 megapixelsMid-Size SLRAPS-C100-25600
Canon 7D Mark IISeptember 15, 2014$1799.0020 megapixelsMid-Size SLRAPS-C100-1600065With Adapter
Nikon D500January 5, 2016$2000.0021 megapixelsMid-Size SLRAPS-C100-51200153Built-In
Canon 6DSeptember 17, 2012$2099.0020 megapixelsMid-Size SLRFull-Frame100-5120011Built-In
Nikon D750September 12, 2014$2299.9524 megapixelsMid-Size SLRFull-Frame100-5120051Built-In
Nikon D810June 26, 2014$3299.9536 megapixelsMid-Size SLRFull-Frame64-12800
51With Adapter
Canon EOS 5D Mark IVAugust 25, 2016$3499.0030 megapixelsMid-Size SLRFull-Frame100-320061Built-In
Canon EOS 5D Mark IIIMarch 2, 2012$3499.0022 megapixelsMid-Size SLRFull-Frame100-5120061With Adapter
Canon 1DX Mark IIFebruary 2, 2016$5999.0020 megapixelsLarge SLRFull-Frame100-5120061With Adapter
Nikon D4SJanuary 6, 2012$5999.0016 megapixelsLarge SLRFull-Frame64-1280051With Adapter
Nikon D5January 5, 2016$6499.0021 megapixelsLarge SLRFull-Frame100-102400153With Adapter
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