One of the best features of the Canon EOS 6D is its built-in Wi-Fi function, which unfortunately isn’t the easiest to set up the first time around. In another blog post, I did a visual demonstration of how to enable Wi-Fi on the Canon order to connect it to a smartphone for remote control or image sharing.  But what if you have two smartphones or another Wi-Fi device you want to connect to the Canon 6D via Wifi? This tutorial will show you how to enable Canon 6D Wifi across multiple devices.

Before you get started, make sure you have a compatible smartphone with the EOS Remote app installed.

Canon 6D Wifi Manual

Part 1: Setup Canon 6D Wifi for One Device

Part 2: Setup Canon 6D Wifi for Multiple Devices

Part 3: Use Canon 6D Wifi to Share Images on Social Media

Part 4: Shoot Tethered with DSLR Controller (in case Wifi doesn’t work)

Step 1:

Once again, we want to head over to the Camera Settings 3 tab in the LCD screen Menu of the Canon 6D. Select Wi-Fi Function.

Canon 6D Wifi Manual

Step 2:

This time, we’ll automatically get a list of functions to choose from. Assuming you want to connect the camera to a second smartphone or a tablet, hit the Connect to smartphone option.

How to set up Wifi on Canon 6D

Step 3:

In the next camera screen, hit the Camera access point mode option, then select OK.

How to set up Wifi on Canon 6D

Step 4:

Select the Easy connection option, then say OK.

How to set up Wifi on Canon 6D

Step 5:

Here’s where things get interesting. You should see the below screen flash up on your Canon 6D. What it basically means is that the Canon 6D is creating a WiFi network for your mobile device of choice to be connected to. This means you should grab your mobile device (ie. mobile phone, tablet), and switch on its WiFi. Search for the SSID network mentioned on your Canon 6D, and connect to the network using the provided Encryption Key. Wait for your mobile device to be connected to the WiFi network before proceeding. Also, note that your mobile device will lose Internet access when connected to the Canon 6D’s WiFi network.

How to set up Wifi on Canon 6D

Step 6:

After you have successfully connected your mobile device to the Canon 6D’s WiFi network, the below screen will pop up on your camera, allowing you to specify a name for the new network connection that you have created. I prefer to name the network after the mobile device I’ve connected it to. In this case, it’s myNexus 7 tablet. My other network is named S_Galaxy after my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Canon 6D wifi 06

Canon 6D wifi 06

Canon 6D wifi 06

Congratulations! You have officially set up a second mobile device with WiFi connection to your Canon 6D.

Canon 6D Wifi Shortcut

The bulk of the hard work is done, and now when you want to connect a mobile device to your 6D, the instructions are much easier and clear cut. On the Canon 6D, enable Wi-Fi from your menu’s Quick Control screen (the Q button).  Head over to the Wi-Fi icon on the far right, and select it to Enable Wi-Fi. Select the Connect to Smartphone option.

Canon DSLR Wifi manual
You will then be prompted with the below screen. Before you press the Connect button, be sure to verify that the Choose set option has your intended mobile device selected. In my case, I have the option of choosing between the Nexus 7 set I just created in this post or the S_Galaxy set I created in the previous tutorialCanon DSLR Wifi manual
Canon DSLR Wifi manual

After you verify which mobile device you want to connect to, hit the Connect button. Then switch your mobile device’s WiFi network on and connect to the Canon 6D’s network when it is available. You can now use the EOS Remote app to browse photos just taken with your Canon 6D or opt for remote shooting.
Canon DSLR Wifi manual


In Conclusion

Did this tutorial help you connect a second or third device to your Canon 6D’s Wifi? Let me know how your experience went in the comments below.

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