Where to Get Healthcare with No Insurance

If you live in the United States and like me are resisting getting Obamacare, you’ll be pleased to know that there are still many ways to get affordable healthcare without insurance. These resources I list below are specific to those living in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, but anyone should be able to do a Google search of “neighborhood clinic + area” to find other affordable clinics in your area.

Country Doctor 

Seattle’s main community health center exists in the form of County Doctor. What you don’t pay for in cash, you pay for in time. As an example, I scheduled an 8am appointment at Country Doctor, but didn’t leave the clinic until close to noon, spending most of that time waiting. Service is shabby in terms of speed, but the quality was decent. The doctors and nurses working here are very nice, approachable, and knowledgable. The pricing here is also pretty low and reasonable, but it’s not as transparent compared to some of the other options listed below. Country Doctor also recently expanded to include an affordable after-hours emergency room over at Swedish Cherry Hill. 

Neighborhood Walk-In Clinics

Here in Washington, there are many neighborhood care walk-in clinics located in most major neighborhoods. I’ve been to several of them for last minute check ups when infections or flu symptoms set in, and the care given at these clinics is generally pretty prompt and spot on. They also offer travel vaccinations and x-ray/lab services. You don’t need insurance or a regular doctor to be seen at these clinics, and the pricing is very straightforward and transparent.


What I love about Zoomcare is its focus on online convenience. You can easily book an appointment on their website for the same day, or weeks in advance, and you can also pay your bill online and check out the medical exam results. Zoomcare also offers doctor consultations via Skype. The prices here are also very straightforward for those who choose to self-pay. I’ve been to Zoomcare for medical checkups, to diagnose illnesses, and get prescription medications and was very happy with each visit. All in all, they’re what I view as a more modernized version of the neighborhood walk-in clinics. Currently, Zoomcare is only available in the Pacific Northwest cities of Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, Salem, and Boise.


Qliance is the only resource here that I haven’t visited personally, but I’ve heard great things about it through my friends who are also looking for affordable self-pay healthcare options. What sounds appealing about Qliance is their emphasis on being able to see your doctor according to your schedule, rather than the other way around. They have a great online directory listing all of their providers, as well as a reasonable pricing model, although from the sound of it, it’s a monthly fee that you pay for access to health services. This is different from the other services listed above, which are priced on a “pay as it happens” type of model.


All in all, there are still lots of affordable healthcare options out there that those without insurance can access. It takes a bit of research and perhaps trial and error to find the right clinic that will offer the services that suit your particular tastes, but the resources are definitely out there. For more ideas, check out these great tips on how to opt out of Obamacare on Breitbart.

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