How to Write a Services Page for Photographers

Photographers seeking to make money from their work absolutely must have a portfolio website that shows off their work and attracts new clients. Once you build and publish the website, the next step is to fill it with relevant content. What is the most important page on that website? Some might say it’s the photography portfolio itself, but I argue that the Services page is even more valuable. Being able to articulate your services as a photographer is what sets you apart from your competition.

1. Describe your photography skills

Begin by making a list of your specific photography skills. What do you love to photograph, and why? Passion equals dedication. Convey your passion as much as possible with words and supporting imagery. Clients are attracted to photographers who are not only skilled but also passionate about their work.

  • What do you like to photograph?
  • Why do you like to photograph these things?

Be a specialist, not a generalist

As a professional photographer, it’s better to be a specialist than a generalist. That is to say, be very specific in the type of photography you specialize in. If you only do weddings and not corporate events, don’t be afraid to say this on your website. This will help guide your prospective client and make sure that only qualified leads will contact you for your services.

2. Explain how your services will benefit your client

After you describe how and why your services ignite your own passions, turn your sights to your prospective client. In order to thoughtfully answer this question, consider how you think your client will end up using your photos. Perhaps the photos will help them preserve cherished memories such as a wedding or birth of a baby. Or maybe the photos will depict their business for marketing and promotional opportunities. As an example, take the statement, “I am a wedding photographer.”  Take it up a notch and say, “I document your wedding day to give you visual memories that you will cherish forever.”

  • How will your client end up using your photos?
  • What benefits will your services bring to your client?

Marketing photography services list

3. Talk about your photography process

If a prospective client has reached your Services page, that means they’re considering what it would be like to work with you. This is where it is helpful to explain your process. As a professional photographer, that process will probably look something like this:

As a photographer, listing out your process might seem obvious, but there are plenty of people out there who have never worked with a photographer before. Providing them with insight into your workflow helps relieve anxiety, and may also help explain your photography rates. It also helps clients feel more comfortable investing their time and money into working with you. Also, consider adding some behind-the-scenes (BTS) photos that show you taking photos in action!

3. Consider a FAQ page

As you gain photography clients, you may notice that the same questions keep coming up. To save both you and your client time, consider answering these questions on your website in the form of a FAQ section within your Services page, or on a web page of its own. Here are some frequently asked questions that you may want to include.

Sample Photography FAQ

  1. Do you have a minimum amount of hours or fee that you charge?
  2. Do you require a monetary deposit to secure your photography services?
  3. How do you deliver the final photos to your client? Do you charge extra for thumb drives or DVDs?
  4. Do you provide both RAW and JPG photos to the client?
  5. Do you charge extra for photo editing, or is that included in your price?
  6. Will you need a photo assistant or extra gear for the shoot? If so, will you charge an extra fee?
  7. Will you charge extra for travel time or parking expenses?
  8. How long after the photo shoot will you deliver the final photos?
  9. If the client is unhappy with the photos, what is your resolution process?

5. Offer proof

Testimonials are a photographer’s best asset. People are more likely to work with you if they see proof that others have had a positive experience. You can include testimonials into your Services page in the middle of the page, or at the end. Use your judgment. To collect testimonials on a regular basis, consider adding this step to your photography workflow: ask your client for feedback. This is a way to improve your business while also gathering testimonials to market your photography business.

Another way to offer proof is to make a Clients page, where you list some of the top brands you have worked with. This is often what corporate and editorial photographers will do in place of or with a Testimonials section.

How to write services page

6. Wrap it up with a Call to Action (CTA)

When a prospective client reaches the end of your Services page, they are likely to either leave or contact you. Help your client out by providing them with a Call to Action. In the case of a photographer’s website, this generally means a button to your Contact page. List your preferred contact method, whether it be phone or email, along with encouragement to make an appointment with you.

In Summary

Learning how to write a Services page for your photography website is arguably as important as putting together a solid portfolio of images. Remember to be concise while also conveying your passion and the benefits your client will receive by choosing to work with you.

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