Minimalist Travel Photography Gear

Photographers are perpetually looking for minimalist travel photography gear that allows them to capture and deliver high-quality images. I've talked a lot about ideal travel photography equipment on this blog, but pretty much every scenario assumes a laptop will handle photo editing. However, the rising popularity of tablets and mobile phones, along with photo editing

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Best Photography Light Stands

One of the most important parts of starting a photography business is getting equipped with the best camera gear. Depending on the type of photography you specialize in, camera lighting may be something to invest in. I never use anything but natural lighting for concert photography. However, food photography lighting is a key feature that

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Gear Guide: Best Camera and Lenses for Concert Photography

Concert photography is one of the most exciting fields of photography out there. After all, who doesn't dream of capturing iconic images of their favorite pop stars or rock stars? Thanks to the plethora of musicians and bands going on tour every year, plus the abundance of affordable camera gear out there, the interest in becoming a

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Event Photography Equipment

Having the right event photography equipment is one of the first steps to becoming an event photographer. I've been making a living as a freelance event photographer since 2012. Over that time, I've learned that events can be extremely diverse, unpredictable, very tiring. As a result, the ideal event photography toolkit should be both flexible

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What’s In My Camera Bag?

Who doesn't love seeing what kind of camera gear someone else carries in their bag? I've always been a big fan of The Photo Brigade's "In My Bag" column in which they highlight the contents of a photographer's gear bag.  I find it interesting to compare and contrast my gear bag with someone else's, and sometimes

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