5 Tips for Photographing a Protest

Photographing protests and civil disobedience is a unique challenge with opportunities abound thanks to the current political climate in the United States and around the world. Protest photography is especially captivating as it allows you to practice street photography skills while also getting a taste for very raw, real human emotion. However, photographing a protest

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Best Websites to Learn Photography

fMany people assume that you need a formal photography education to become a professional. However, online classes and websites dedicated to teaching photography make it entirely possible to learn all of your skills without setting foot in a classroom. Personally, I've never taken a formal photography class and have still managed to shoot professionally for

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Minimalist Travel Photography Gear

Photographers are perpetually looking for minimalist travel photography gear that allows them to capture and deliver high-quality images. I've talked a lot about ideal travel photography equipment on this blog, but pretty much every scenario assumes a laptop will handle photo editing. However, the rising popularity of tablets and mobile phones, along with photo editing

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How To Get A Press Pass

Are you a freelance photographer or writer seeking special access to shoot an event? If so, you likely need a press pass or media credential. This largely elusive and highly coveted badge is particularly used for event and concert photography, and it exists in a variety of forms and goes by several different names. As

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Instagram for Photographers: How to Grow Followers and Engagement

Ever wonder how you can get more followers on Instagram? Increasing traction and interaction on Instagram is something that even professional photographers struggle with. However, there are a few social media tricks that can set you down the right path. These are a few simple tips that helped me double my followers in just a

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3 Essential Photography Business Documents and Templates

When starting a photography business, there are several documents that every business owner or independent contractor should always have readily available. These three documents are a Photography Contract, W9 Tax Form, and Invoice. Below, you'll find a brief description of each form, as well as a link to download a free template for your use. Without

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4 Reasons Why the Canon 6D May Not Be the Camera For You

Having a second, backup camera body is essential for starting a photography business. I spent months debating which camera to get as a complement to my Canon 5D Mark III.  I looked at the Canon 7D and even considered ditching DSLRs for a mirrorless camera. Finally, in July 2013, I took the plunge and bought a Canon

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Free Model Release Form Template for Photographers

There is a slew of templates and documents that every photographer needs in order to make money from photography. If you run a photography business, it is important to know what a model release is and when you need to have one. This blog explains why it's an important template for photographers. A free model release

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