Monthly Highlights – Most of 2017

Greetings, Friends! Apologies for the long radio silence. The last Monthly Highlights post I did was in February 2017, so this is a very long overdue post. When you see the stats below (at the end of the blog), maybe that will explain part of my absence. It's been a crazy 8 months full of

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Monthly Highlights: January 2017

Hard to believe we're already one month into 2017, isn't it? I don't know about you, but for me, the month of January flew by incredibly fast. January 2017 Photography Business Stats Monthly Highlights Series 13 Photo shoots completed *3 less than December 55.3 Business miles driven *78.8 less than

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Annual Performance Review 2016 – Year 4

It's hard to believe that 2016 is just about over. That means I've been a self-employed photographer for 4 years as of September. Time has certainly flown by, and I'm more energized for what lies ahead. For now, it's time for the annual performance review of what happened this year, and what's in store for

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Monthly Highlights: August – October 2016

My Monthly Highlights series and blog as a whole have been on a bit of a hiatus lately, and for that, I sincerely apologize. So many life events (more on those below) have been happening that I hadn't even realized the last Monthly Highlights blog was published in July. As a result, this is a

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Monthly Highlights: July 2016

July was an incredibly memorable month in more ways than one. Backpacking for the fifth annual July 4th Road Trip, a work trip to Chicago, photography projects for a couple of big clients, and...becoming an official homeowner! July 2016 Stats Monthly Highlights Series 9 Photo shoots completed *13 less than June 279.2 Business

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Monthly Highlights: June 2016

Summer is officially in full swing here in the Pacific Northwest signaling not only a mountain of sunshine and good weather but by far the busiest time of year for a food and event photographer. June seems to be prime time for corporate events to take place and restaurants eager to update their menu images, so

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Monthly Highlights: February 2016

Hard to believe we're nearly halfway though March already! After compiling my monthly statistics and metrics for February, it was pretty obvious in terms of the numbers that there weren't huge differences between January and February, other than a pretty big uptick in photo shoots. The beginning of the year is typically the slowest period of

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